Our Confectioner’s shop is a pleasure

What would any self-respecting confectioner’s shop be without the very finest hand-filled truffles, chocolate figures and wedding cakes? Our in-house specialities include champagne truffles, schoggimandeln (chocolate-covered almonds, another specialty of Switzerland), cognac grapes and naturally Parsenn stones, which are well-known way beyond the region.

A glance at our confectioner’s shop will give you a quick idea: chocolate, as far as the eye can see. Many of our products are attractively packaged so that you can take them with you as a gift.

We prepare all the delicacies that are sold over the counter daily in our patisserie. A wide range of different types of chocolate are employed. This is our way of saying thank you to you, our loyal customers: we continually create new products that delight both young and old beyond the borders of Switzerland. Whoever wants to give him- or herself or anyone else a treat can also order many delicacies conveniently and quickly in our online shop.

There, you will find patisserie classics such as for example truffles. Made according to an in-house recipe from ganache, freshly prepared every day, containing chocolate, fresh cream and butter. With their creamy texture, the truffles are definitely worth trying out.

Or pralines: also produced and aromatised with care, the ganache used in this case, containing milk or vanilla, is also harmonious and will enthuse gourmets. We will gladly advise you if you have any special requests such as large orders or home deliveries directly from the confectioner’s shop.

In order to maintain the quality of the products throughout the confectioner’s shop, we do not use ready-made mixtures and standard additives. We do not rely on ready-made products in order to simply save time. Virtually everything is prepared on the premises and is of outstanding quality, as you would expect from a confectioner’s shop in Switzerland.