Fine bakery products from our bakery in Davos

Every day in our Davos bakery, bakery products continue to be produced in a time-honoured fashion. We start working on behalf of our customers at 2 a.m. in the morning and prepare everything for the next day. We select natural and high-quality ingredients for our bakery products. The ingredients are prepared every evening, course flour and seeds are soaked in water.

Thus our bread dough is produced with a long fermentation using a small amount of yeast. This gives rise to a pronounced aroma that keeps our bread crusty and ensures that it is a hotly sought-after product every day at our bakery in Davos, Switzerland.

The small rolls, croissants made with butter, Weber buns and special bread rolls are also stored in the form of dough in the refrigerator for several hours and are thus allowed to mature more slowly. We only use natural raw ingredients in our bakery products, if possible of local origin.

  • Breakfast roll, with wheat, rye, spelt, barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, linseed, soybean meal and sesame…very dark
  • Pure spelt bread, pure bread made with 100% pure spelt flour
  • Pure rye, 100% rye flour
  • Braided bread, with pure butter and a long fermentation period, a specialty of Switzerland

Baking with loving care: details

One of the passions at our Davos bakery is the preparation of a wide range of bakery products using different types of dough. We braid bread (a specialty of Switzerland), prepare patisserie and biscuits and bake croissants, mid morning bread rolls (Znünibrötli), flans (Wähen) and cakes at the bakery in modern, powerful ovens. We turn out many of our creations by hand with loving care and precision: for example, when we press out and shape bakery products, glaze cakes.

Preparation with loving care

Try out our braided bread

The bakery is also capable of preparing a wide range of appetisers that we supply for company or private events in Switzlerand. As opposed to former times, when our forefathers still attended to their customers in the bakery, nowadays we perform heavy work with machinery. But the equipment is not what matters most: with our creativity, we seek to convince our customers to try something new every day. Try us out and visit us in Davos!

Braided bread made with pure butter.