Snacks are also supplied for catering in Davos

We offer a rich selection of appetisers and specialties from Switzerland for every occasion: whether weddings, events held by associations, birthday parties or employee anniversaries, our snacks will meet your needs. We insist on selecting the ingredients ourselves in order to offer you the best quality in catering.

We refine traditional recipes from Switzerland and invent new ones. We also do this as part of a continuous learning process. Snacks have always been a fixture, not least in catering. Before, people prepared snacks by themselves at home with nuts, sausage and fruit.

Fresh preparation is very important to us

You are also familiar with the spread of convenience foods, of which we make no use whatsover: fresh preparation is important to us, our customers in Davos receive freshly packaged snacks every day. Ask about our catering service. We will gladly advise you.

Wherever possible, we have always avoided using ingredients containing preservatives. Instead, we employ in-house aromas that render our snacks unmistakeable. Whether sweet or with meat and fruit: our snacks cover just about every variation of specialties from Switzerland that tastes good. Well-known snacks are chäschüechli (small cheese pies), schinkengipfel (ham croissants) or sausage rolls. Upon request, we will also prepare snacks for catering purposes meeting special customer wishes in and around Davos.

Snacks are decorative little bite

Snacks are best suited to cold buffets. They are decorative and can be served quickly. You can also order snacks for parties using our catering service in Davos. These small snacks are also known as finger food because they are bite-sized and fit easily into the mouth. Snacks can also be served up from time to time in the evening instead of the usual home cuisine at dinnertime. Or whenever guests drop by unexpectedly for a glass of wine.

If you wish, you can also enrich our snacks and specialties from Switzerland with fresh herbs or cocktail tomatoes: this makes them look decorative and brings a touch of colour to the plate.

We can prepare our fine filled party bread, golden-yellow ham croissants or other delicacies in large numbers upon request. You will also find offers in the Davos bakery, confectioner’s shop or patisserie.

Filled party bread - our photo gallery