Pear bread - a specialty of Switzerland

We have been proud of our pear bread for the last three generations. A slice of Birnenbrot or Birnbrot as it is also known with a layer of fresh butter is an absolute delight and can literally turn you into an addict.

It is produced according to our very own recipe. The fine pear bread, a specialty of Switzerland, is created on a basis of wheat flour and water through the addition of pears, walnuts, figs and many fine ingredients. It is available in three different sixes (small, medium and large) but may also be ordered through our online shop.

We use all of our craftsmanship in order to deliver the best quality to you every time. This also includes friendly service and advice. Ask about our pear bread and get an idea of our skills at our shop.

In the case of our pear bread, we also employ natural ingredients without preservatives. Brandy, table salt, vegetable fat and spices are just some of the ingredients that make our pear bread what it is: a rich and almost primeval fare. Our forefathers were the first to produce pear bread at our business in its unmistakeable form.

Pear bread goes very well with wine, cheese or dessert. It keeps for several weeks and tastes as it did when grandmother was around– thanks to the gentle production method. Pear bread was originally just another variety of bread in Switzerland that was prepared above all by poorer people. They were engaged in animal husbandry and drew out the more expensive breadstuff from the lowlands with dried fruit.

Pear bread can be eaten on many occasions: carefully sliced and presented at a party. As a snack at a company meeting. Or simply at home between meals. Even children are won over by the fulsome taste that pear bread spreads over the palate. And, needless to say, it’s a healthly food and a specialty of Switzerland.

Traditionally, pear bread is baked during Advent and at Christmas, in the Grisons especially on New Year’s Eve. Birnenbrot or simply Birnbrot has been produced since time immemorial in the Swiss Alps and Pre-Alps. It is available from us at any time of the year and a welcome souvenir to bring back from Switzerland.