Chocolate-covered almonds to be relished

Another in-house speciality are our chocolate-covered almonds: they are very popular in Switzerland and ideal for snacking, when you’re out and about or simply for pure enjoyment. The chocolate-covered almonds are delicately toasted and coated with tenderly melting milk chocolate. A fine chocolate powder is sprinkled on top.

Precision work is our passion. Our master confectioners process the high-grade almonds manually with loving care to obtain the famous chocolate-covered almonds. This involves many individual operations that make our chocolate-covered almonds what they are: a high-quality handicraft product and a speciality from Switzerland that dissolves on the tongue and delights young and old alike.

During a first step the peeled almonds are carefully roasted. This brings out their especially fine aroma. In order to render the chocolate-covered almonds crunchy, they are surrounded by a soft sugary coating. When they have cooled down, we dip them one by one in fine milk chocolate. Finally, chocolate powder is sprinkled on top. And all this without chemical preservatives. A great gift to take home with you from Switzerland.

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