Spelt, oatmeal, millet: our special types of bread

Special bread of SwitzerlandSpecial bread of Switzerland

Switzerland is famous of its extensive range of bread. Whether spelt bread or flaxseed bread: our bread specialities are all prepared in the bakery with loving care. In doing so, we cover a wide product range. We turn out bread specialities that differ from other types of bread in Switzerland because of the baking method employed.

However, bread specialities are also distinguished by the type of cereal used. Although oats, barley, maize, millet and rice are cereals that are often used in Switzerland to make breads, they are incapable of forming a pastry lattice suitable for baking. Therefore, no bread can be made with them. But if they are added to normal bread, the result is multi-grain bread.

We are proud of our exclusive bread specialities. Our breakfast bread for example consists of wheat, rye, spelt, barley, oats and buckwheat. In addition, it contains sunflower seeds, linseed, soybean meal and sesame. This specialist bread is very dark.

Ask us for the following: Graham bread, Valser rye bread, spelt bread, Tafaas bread, linseed bread, Odenwälder sour ... And enjoy these specialties from Switzerland on your breakfast table or at any other time of the day.

Pear bread or fruit bread are also a delight