Fruit bread - out latest hit

Our fruit bread has a distinctive name: Zauberberg bread, based on Thomas Mann’s world-famous novel. The fruit bread is produced in our bakery with loving care and according to our own recipe. We only employ natural and high-quality ingredients. The fruit bread contains dried pears, apricots, figs, sultanas, oranges as well as walnuts and hazelnuts.

A special taste is guaranteed. Fruit bread is healthy and also a delicious temptation when you’re out and about or hiking through the mountains of Switzerland. Or as a surprise for friends or at birthday parties: our patisserie has many treats in store for your palate freshly prepared by our team in the bakery every day. Stop by at our shop. Or order our specialities in the online shop.

Our fruit bread. Our fruit bread.
Various types of bread and gifts. Various types of bread and gifts.
Another favourite: filled bread. Another favourite: filled bread.

Fruit bread is not the only thing on offer. Our product range includes numerous in-house specialities and delicacies from Switzerland. Take note of the Bünder nut tart, pear bread or Parsenn stones. You can also order these specialities through our online shop for direct delivery to your home inside and outside of Switzerland.

Zauberberg bread is healthy and has a sensational taste.

We also have a serving recommendation for you: Zauberberg bread goes ideally with cheese and red wine. Or simply between meals as a healthy energy booster. Its particular qualities have made it famous beyond our borders within a short space of time. In addition: ready-made mixtures are an absolute no-no for us; we also avoid artificial aromas, synthetic colourings and additives wherever we can.

Fruit bread is shaped into small, longish loaves. It also has – something that we like to emphasize – a juicy, firm dough. When cut crosswise, pieces of fruit and nut are visible. An advantage: Zauberberg bread keeps for a long time. It is best suited for home, in the hotel, as a tasty snack between meals at a corporate event, or as a welcome souvenir to bring back from Switzerland. Have a look around – we will gladly advise you.