Bündner nut tart based on a fine recipe

The Bündner nut tart is a world famous speciality from eastern Switzerland. We produce the nut tarts several times a week. The tenderly melting walnut-caramel filling makes the nut tart a special experience. The interior of the nut tarts contains a rich filling made from walnuts, baked to a golden-yellow colour in butter shortcrust pastry. Order Bündner nut tarts in our online shop.

We continually refine traditional recipes from Switzerland like this one and invent new ones. We also do this as part of a continuous learning process. Wherever possible, we have always avoided using ingredients containing preservatives. Instead, we use in-house specialities that render our Bündner nut tarts unique.

A piece of Bündner nut tart. A piece of Bündner nut tart.
Different sizes. Different sizes.
Order as a gift. Order as a gift.

The modern Bündner nut tart originated in the Engadin region of Switzerland. A baker called Fausto Pult created it in 1926. In 1934 he sold the tart at the samples fair in Basel, which introduced it to a wider public audience. Although the Bünder nut tart was available as early as 1920, these nut tarts were not filled: only the dough was mixed with nuts.

Anybody who is familiar with the nut tart also knows when it tastes best: for example as a dessert, cut up into small pieces. Along with coffee or tea. Bündner nut tarts keep for several months and are thus also ideally suited as gifts. Nut tarts can be ordered through our online shop.

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